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 Our Story


Every venture is like an onion. Each layer peeled off is a part of the story about the people and the place, but it takes all the layers together to tell the whole tale. Here is the story of Treetop Lodge. 


It all started with one little bird. Green, blue, and turquoise with little bits of orange and grey, she captured our hearts and flew right into our souls.

Which led inevitably to………… 

Pocket ParrotA companion so she wouldn't be lonely while my husband and I were busy.

Agreeing to adopt a bird who no longer fit into a friend's family situation.

Adopting another parrot with behavior problems.

OK, those two need a home, too.

Just one more. And another.

The discovery of the huge numbers of cast-off parrots in the United States.

The formation of a 501c3 rescue organization with my husband and friends. 

A search for a larger home to hold our growing flock of hospice, handicapped, damaged, unwanted birds. 

The purchase of a former horse breeding and training facility.

Wondering what to do with that huge barn. The opening of Always Accoyo, our alpaca farm.

Giving the manager's bunkhouse an addition and a huge facelift so we could have a place to hold alpaca seminars and accommodate farm guests and our shearers.

The creation of TREETOP LODGE, a retreat home for everyone! 

Treetop Lodge photo

So much of who we are - our personalities, priorities, and values - is reflected in Treetop.

All Because Two People Fell In Love picture

Many family members and friends worked to help make our vision of Treetop Lodge a reality, especially Connie, who had a dream of her own.

I couldn't do this without Connie. She couldn't do it without me.

Nancy and Connie

Together we can do anything, and we'll make sure you have a tranquil and fulfilling stay at Treetop Lodge. Not only will you enjoy the serene, wooded landscape and the restful accommodations, but you will always be treated like the unique, exceptional people you all are.

Isn't it amazing how life sometimes takes you to places you could never imagine? 



When I was little, we used to visit my Grandparent's cottage on Black Lake. On the wall in the kitchen was a wooden plate with the poem that begins: 'Guest, you are welcome here.'

This was the first poem I memorized…

I thought, 'How wonderful! To welcome people… make them comfortable… serve them their favorite foods.' This would be a great way to spend my life!!

Well, I grew up (as we all do!), but always kept the Dream in my heart…

I catered, planned and created events… always working at other things.

In Oxford, I created and ran (for nine years with a great team!) the very successful 'STORYBOOK GALA' for the Library Friends... that moment when the guests began to arrive… everything is in place... pure magic!

About 15 years ago, I was almost ready to have 'my own place'... but life intervened.

A Dream delayed, but not denied…

I continued to have a busy, happy life with my wonderful husband, Chris, and beautiful daughter, Larissa.

Always keeping the Dream...

I started catering again, and joined the 'Free Meals' program to feed folks who are at 'a bad moment' in their lives.

I got a call… I was too busy... but, thankfully answered and met Nancy and her husband. They had a 'little house' that needed some love. Clean it, and get it ready for guests of their Alpaca Farm.

Well, the 'little house' became TREETOP LODGE…

Where, finally, we can welcome guests to a place of comfort, quiet and fun! We can offer 7-course dinners, craft weekends, a quiet get-away for friends, intimate weddings, showers, birthdays... and so much more!

So many ways to share the magic of this place we call TREETOP LODGE.

There really is something very special about this place! It has healed me and given me peace...

And I love to share this with others!

The support of my husband, daughter and amazing 'family' of friends is beyond words! 

November 15, 2013...we welcomed our first Dream coming true!

Since then, we have welcomed so many different people for so many different reasons… Sharing our special 'place in the woods.'

Now, we are doing so much! The Lodge events, guest events...  

And 'CONNIE'S KITCHEN' (on OCTV and youtube)...I show you how to create easy home-cooked meals. Watch all the episodes on YouTube.

Here's Episode 1Connie's Kitchen

Nancy has been such a special blessing...her vision, her whimsy, her faith in me. 

Truly...a 'Dream delayed' has come true for me and my greatest pleasure is sharing that dream.

Yes, finally...'Guest, you are welcome here' is my reality.

P.S. That same wooden plate hangs in my kitchen at the Lodge!


Unicorns seem always to have been symbols of some elusive need felt by humans for a purer, mystical existence that includes oneness with nature and affirms the specialness of every life.

It is said that unicorns appear to anyone who retains the child-like ability to see the beauty, purity, mystery, magic, and wonderment in themselves and their world.

Can you see them?

At Treetop you can!

This is what we want for every visitor to Treetop Lodge - to rejoice in being their own incomparable, unique self.

Found on the internet, this little poem sums it all up. We want everyone to:

Always be yourself

Unless you can be a unicorn

Then always be a unicorn

Come stay with us, where you can really be a unicorn if you like, or you can ignore it all and secretly be a beautiful unicorn inside.

And before you decide this must be just a few crazy people acting silly, we can disclose that underneath the heads have sometimes been found distinguished politicians, business leaders and scholars. You'll be surprised how liberating and contagious our Treetop ambiance can be.


For more information or to book your event contact:
Connie (248) 933-4579
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What's Your Passion?

  • Knitting/Crochet
  • Spinning/Weaving
  • Quilting/Sewing
  • Scrapbooking/Collage
  • Embroidery/Needlepoint
  • Cross-stitch/Macrame
  • Beading/Ribbon Work
  • Stamping/Felting
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Doll Making/Fairyscapes
  • Calligraphy/Card Making
  • Origami/Decoupage

Not a Crafter?

How about...

  • Training seminars/ Business meetings
  • Awards dinners/ Bridge clubs
  • Friends getaway/Holiday shop and wrap
  • Reading club/ Prayer group
  • Small weddings/ Showers
  • Workshops/Leadership retreats
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Anniversary dinners/ Birthday parties
  • Board games/Pinterest weekends
  • Tea parties/Fundraisers
  • Yoga/Tai chi
  • Meditation/Wellness
  • Team Building/ Hobby groups
  • Rehearsal Dinners/Retirement Parties


You name it...

We have a place just for you!

Call Connie today

(248) 933-4579