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Treetop Lodge is located in southeastern Michigan about 50 miles north of Detroit, quietly tucked away in Lapeer County's Jonathan Woods. It's a place of peace, beauty, and seclusion that can enhance your creativity and restore your soul.


Our private, gated, hosted retreat was originally created for ladies to have a special place to create, socialize, rejuvenate, celebrate, relax and laugh. It still caters to many artists and crafters.

Though Treetop Lodge is the perfect place for those who create beautiful things, it has grown to welcome any other type of peaceful gathering, such as baby showers and awards dinners. This serene setting can be used for get-togethers of all kinds. The sidebar on the left will give you more examples to spark your imagination. If you have an idea for an event, just call, e-mail, or visit Connie on Facebook to discuss all the possibilities. She can make almost anything work. But even party wizards can't conjure up huge or loud parties here. They just aren't feasible in the quiet neighborhood of Treetop Lodge.

We also host our own events to which everyone is welcome as space allows.

Crop days, wine tasting dinners, building fairy gardens, murder mysteries and other entertainments are sure to be happening frequently at Treetop Lodge.

Check out our Events page or follow Treetop Lodge - Oxford on Facebook to see what's coming up.

If you find an event that interests you, be sure to contact Connie to be included. Our gatherings fill up fast.

Whether you are here for a long crafts session or a brief social event, retreating is always better when you have a personal chef do the cooking. You've come here to focus on the real reason for the retreat, not repeat your daily responsibilities in a new place. Slow down, and enjoy delicious home cooked meals, our relaxing environment, and a comfortable retreat experience.

Treetop Lodge is also one of the few places left on earth where you might see unicorns peeking around a door, hiding in a tree, running across the lawn, or sitting next to you at dinner. Watch for them!Unicorn in a tree

So browse around this web site to find more information about us, about Treetop, and how to get in on the good times. Join us and help fulfill our mission to give you the most enchanting retreat place possible. Enjoy a long weekend, a day, or even just a few hours relaxing in our gorgeous 5000 square foot country home hidden away in the woods. You will luxuriate in your own uninterrupted time, enhanced by the peace and beauty of Jonathan Woods. We are committed to making your time spent at Treetop Lodge a memorable and treasured experience, and we're honored to share this lovely place with you.


For more information or to book your event contact:
Connie (248) 933-4579
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What's Your Passion?

  • Knitting/Crochet
  • Spinning/Weaving
  • Quilting/Sewing
  • Scrapbooking/Collage
  • Embroidery/Needlepoint
  • Cross-stitch/Macrame
  • Beading/Ribbon Work
  • Stamping/Felting
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Doll Making/Fairyscapes
  • Calligraphy/Card Making
  • Origami/Decoupage

Not a Crafter?

How about...

  • Training seminars/ Business meetings
  • Awards dinners/ Bridge clubs
  • Friends getaway/Holiday shop and wrap
  • Reading club/ Prayer group
  • Small weddings/ Showers
  • Workshops/Leadership retreats
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Anniversary dinners/ Birthday parties
  • Board games/Pinterest weekends
  • Tea parties/Fundraisers
  • Yoga/Tai chi
  • Meditation/Wellness
  • Team Building/ Hobby groups
  • Rehearsal Dinners/Retirement Parties


You name it...

We have a place just for you!

Call Connie today

(248) 933-4579